Future by Lund

our focus

Smart Cities…

Future by Lund is an innovation platform for development of sustainable and attractive cities. This is a meeting place for new and established participants side by side. Within our areas of focus we create different test environments. Our focus is towards “Smart Cities & Smart Citizens".

Our focus is on six challenges that will shape sustainable cities: Energy, Moving Things and People, Makers & Sharing, The Human Digital, Future Living & Spaces, and Human Centric Light

In our platform, innovative thinking is crossed with experience and knowledge from the various focus areas, providing a stable foundation for the smart innovations of the future. By participating in development projects, you will be given the opportunity to showcase your solutions and test them against the market. Future by Lund is a creative field for a better future, in constant motion and always looking for new solutions that make the world a bit better.

Future by Lund operates in Lund with its office at Ideon Science Park, a creative and fun environment for testing and evaluating smart sustainable innovations.


Which opportunities do digital solutions provide us for creating new solutions for people, businesses, and organizations in the city?

innovation Managment

Who owns the innovation process, and is it different from other development processes? Is there a method or tool you can use, or is it about leadership and culture?

Makers &

More and more people want to leverage creativity to create, barter, borrow, give and receive. But what does that entail for a city and its inhabitants?

moving things
& people

How do we move ourselves with minimal environmental impact in an increasingly urbanised future? Can electrification of the city’s transportation and new mobility services provide a solution?

Centric light

While humans are biologically adapted to natural sunlight we keep surrounding ourselves with artificial light in our indoor environments, What does tomorrow's indoor light look like which also gives us all the benefits of sunlight?

Future living
& spaces

How can we dwell and thrive in the future? Can we find inspiration in cutting edge technology or outer space and other extreme climates and apply that to tomorrow’s living environments.

Our City

Innovative Lund

Under the coming years Lund will become a regional and international arena for innovative sustainable urban development and for real-world tests and pilot projects. Lund shoulders an ever-increasing role as an international place for development of knowledge and innovations for the global knowledge economy. However the city is still small, making everyone and everything close by.

Future by Lund will be a motor in Region Skåne focusing on innovations for smart sustainable cities. Together we raise Lund’s attraction for both talents and international capital. Lund is furthermore a city of youth, humour and a good atmosphere — a great terrain for innovation culture.

How we work

…Smart Citizens

Our method has three steps — Shaping, Knowing & Creating. This spans everything from trials for prototypes, markets, and needs to matchmaking, ideation, research, fine-tuning, communication, and launches. No matter what stage you’re at, we help you to Shape, Know, and Create.

Our machinery consists of a rich network who together takes care of the creativity that exists, focusing on creating attractive and sustainable solutions for those living there. We work together with our specialized partners within municipality, the private sector and academia to solve global challenges and create innovative and sustainable Solutions. Together we explore possibilities, identify needs, cultivate, inspire and pioneer new qualitative innovations and business models. 
Together we create the future.

comfort zonen

I en allt trängre värld där fler aktörer är i jakt på nya idéer och lösningar blir även misstagen fler. Man vågar inte göra fel eller så försöker man skydda sina tillgångar ännu hårdare. Vår åsikt är att du måste våga lämna din Comfort zon och börja experimentera med nya tekniker, kunskaper och nya aktörer för att själv kunna förstå framtiden.


• Identify needs & drives
• Explore & recognize opportunities
• Combine & recognize potential
• Mindset, culture & brand 
• Cultivate & support network, connect individuals
• Establish connections between communities, trends, needs and technology


• Identify, support & guide innovative capacity.
• Find & pioneer markets   
• Structure & identify competence and resource needs, offer competence building 
• Engage industrial network, connect research resources, and strengthen collaboration   
• Use new tools, collaborative models, and business models
• Communicate & educate


• Test prototypes
• Launch solutions for market gaps within capital, manpower, information etc.
• Initiate and test challenges in different contexts
• Lay groundwork for investments and purchases 
• Bring in the right people and pilot projects