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Mobility solutions of the future have been given a meeting place

Caroline Wendt
September 29, 2020

The Mobility Hub South is now inaugurated! The premises accommodate both Evolution Road's visitor center and the project Cross Mobility (Mobilitet på Tvärs). In addition, a vision was presented for how the mobility house can become a gathering place for mobility and collaboration across Greater Copenhagen, with the opportunity to showcase ongoing mobility projects and sustainable mobility solutions.

The Mobility Hub South on Scheelevägen 16 is both an exhibition space, a test bed and a meeting place. Part of the space is dedicated to the Evolution road project with the premises being located nearby the exhibition space on Getingevägen. This is where visitors can come to get a glimpse of the technology behind the electric road. The exhibition is a combination of informative signs, interviews and films. In addition, there is an opportunity to test drive and charge a bus on Getingevägen through a simulator.

– We want more people to understand what electrical roads are and why they can be an important part of the solution for a sustainable traffic system. An exhibition can more easily inspire and contribute to that knowledge, says Malin Larsson from Innovation Skåne.

The exhibition is open to visitors, see Evolution road’s website for information.

The premises will also give the Swedish-Danish Interreg ÖKS project Cross Mobility (Mobilitet på Tvärs) a physical location on the Swedish side of the Öresund strait.

– The Cross Mobility project needs a platform - and not in digital form but rather an actual space for face-to-face interactions that facilitate meeting up to discuss future mobility solutions, Anders Nilsson from Innovation Skåne reflects. There is a need for collaboration between municipalities, regions, the state, other stakeholders within the traffic area, private startups, as well as anyone who can propose innovative traffic solutions. Our vision is that this center will highlight the issue of mobility and be a physical base for a collaboration hub that extends throughout Greater Copenhagen. Together we can find cool solutions.

At the EVolution road exhibition, it is possible to test drive and charge a bus on Getingevägen through a simulator.

The initiative brings together several stakeholders, such as Innovation Skåne, Ideon Science Park, Elonroad, Castellum and Future by Lund / Lund Municipality. On the premises, but on the floors above, there are companies such as Smarter Mobility that work within the mobility area. Subsequently, the circumstances for collaboration on mobility issues are advantageous. A joint vision for the hub is the ability to present sustainable and innovative mobility solutions from across the Greater Copenhagen region, as well as to facilitate the involvement from others in the continuous development of the work.

– Through an initial quick scan, we found about 60 projects in Lund and the Öresund region relating to mobility. There are probably many more, which makes it difficult to know of them all even for those who are interested. This could be the place where these projects can be showcased, says Katarina Scott, project developer at Future by Lund.

During the summer, Anneli Xie, has undertaken an internship with the aim to develop examples of concepts, ideas and possible content for the mobility house. Anneli has received help from Naemi Jaworowski on the visualization and illustrations.

– I especially see three interesting possibilities with the mobility house, says Anneli Xie. Firstly, it can provide a space for an exhibition that presents projects that transpire in the Öresund region. There is also a possibility to create a shared work space. Lastly, the house can also act as a meeting place and be used for various educational initiatives (seminars, presentations, etc.) and for those who want to come and test and discuss different solutions.

To promote a creative and laboratory environment and to work with what is available, Naemi Jaworowski draws illustrations connected to mobility on the premises' glass walls. Along the lengthy corridor Anneli Xie realizes it is possible to construct a timeline in the form of markings on the floor with a chronological story of the development of the mobility projects. In the smaller corridor rooms the current projects could be exhibited and arranged according to different themes. To show examples of how the premises could be used, Naemi and Anneli have produced an animation.

You can see an animation of the ideas here.

An important part of the concept is to develop the entire place so that it attracts a wide audience consisting of school classes, students, entrepreneurs, businesses and citizens. The outside space could also be utilized by offering test driving of different types of bicycles and the opportunity for children to practice traffic rules.

The day after the inauguration of the mobility hub, it was announced that Lund will participate in a strategic project on digital infrastructure. The project is led by the innovation platform Drive Sweden and the Swedish Transport Administration. Other participating municipalities are Gothenburg, Linköping and Stockholm. A number of the project's activities, such as workshops, will be located in Lund and the Mobility Hub South.

Naemi Jaworowski is creating illustrations on the glass walls in the mobility house.

Large picture: Naemi Jaworowski is a civil engineer in mechanical engineering with a specialization in technology and Anneli Xie has soon completed a bachelor’s with a double major in architecture and urban planning. They have worked together to create ideas for the mobility house.

Translation: Ben Dohrmann


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